Tuesday, August 8, 2017


THE KIDS KEEP A STEADY BEDTIME. For younger children, pick an hour(before 9 p.m. is recommended) and stick with it. Have a bedtime routine(a warm bath or a snack). This signals sleep is coming. This can start as far as an hour ahead. SPEND TIME AS A FAMILY. For teens it led to better sleep a study last year suggested. READ TOGETHER, SAY A PRAYER. Just take time to connect. PARENTS Even a drink and a half can affect your sleep. Keep any drinking moderate and do it early. It is suggested a couple of hours before you sleep. Avoid doing work in the two hours before bedtime. This includes answering emails on your phone. Your next day planning should be done early in the evening. Your last hour should be for relaxing. Go to your room only when you are ready to get in bed. Reserve the bedroom for two things- zzz's and xxx's. FOR BOTH KIDS AND PARENTS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE IN THE BEDROOMS. Keeping them cool around 65 degrees is best. SIXTY MINUTES BEFORE BED, TURN OFF ALL DEVICES. For kids, video games and social media seem particularly disruptive to sleep, according to a study done in 2016. SET PHONES TO CHARGE OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM. SOURCES:National Sleep Foundation, Journal of Adolescent Health, Marie Masterson

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