Monday, July 10, 2017

Fisher House:Families get free lodging while veteran gets treatment

Fisher House is a nationwide network of 71 well-equipped homes where families can stay while their loved one is being treated. The families stay at no cost. The first Fisher Houses opened in 1991 and more than 7 million lodging days have been provided. It has housed over 300,000 families. Managers and volunteers make sure refrigerators are stocked and gardens are tended. There are even toys available for the children. "Men and women who serve are trying to make life better for all of us", says Lorie Southerland, manger of the Fisher House at Fort Bragg,N.C. "That's what I try to do,too-make life better for others". Each Fisher House is close to the medical center or hospital it serves. Families and patients can spend less time traveling and more time together. Each house can accommodate 42 people. The families share kitchen, dining, living and laundry areas. The bedrooms and bathrooms are private.

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