Monday, July 10, 2017

Info on Strokes

In America, every 40 seconds someone has a stroke. Someone dies of one every four minutes. The leading cause of disability in the U.S. is stroke. Greater numbers of younger people are being affected. Of all strokes, about a quarter of them occur in those under the age of 65. The number of people who die from stroke each year has declined because of the widespread use of blood pressure and cholesterol medications. The symptoms of a stroke are only recognized by 30% of the victims who get to the hospital in time to receive the brain-saving, clot-busting medication +PA. During a stroke, you will lose somewhere around 2 million brain cells a minute. By the time stroke patients come to the hospital, it may be too late because of the time-sensitive nature of these acute treatments. If possible. patients with severe stroke should head to a hospital that has the ability to go into the brain with a catheter to remove the clot. Before the procedure, in the past, you had to wait an hour to see if the clot buster (+PA) would work. The treatments can now be in conjunction with each other. Of all strokes, 90% are preventable. You can substantially reduce your risk if you are eating a good diet and exercising. Also, by managing your hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. You should keep your blood pressure in a range of less than 140/90. Recommended for exercising is for five times a week for an hour. A light walk might not be sufficient to get your heart pumping. It has to be a decent level of activity. At a higher risk for both heart attack and stroke,is people with poor oral health. A link between a certain type of oral bacteria and hemorrhagic stroke was found in a study that came out. It is important to brush and floss everyday. As for alcohol, one glass of red wine or its equivalent a day. You have to be very careful with alcohol if you have already had a stroke.

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