Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Haunting of Al Capone

While Capone had once killed off most of his enemies, he could not get rid of one of the spirits.  It was the ghost of James Clark, the brother-in-law of Bugs Moran and a St. Valentine's Day Massacre victim, who Capone claimed hounded him from 1929 to his death.  There were many times when Capone's employees would hear him begging of the ghost to leave him in peace and this was in his lucid per- Alcatraz days.  On several occasions, his bodyguards broke into his room fearing that someone had gotten to Capone, only to have their boss tell them of Clark's ghost.  He contacted a physic in 1931 to try to get rid of the ghost, but many feel the ghost of James Clark followed Capone to his grave.             *This is an excerpt from an article by Troy Taylor.  Troy Taylor owns American Hauntings, which is one of the oldest haunted history websites on the internet.  You can also add him to your circle.  He is on Google+.

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