Wednesday, August 19, 2015


UNCONTROLLABLE BOBY QUIRKS  Random sharp pains- sharp pains that last for a second or two then go away are usually nothing to worry.  It is something we all experience and usually benign.    HICCUPS THAT MAKE IT HARD TO TALK  Chewing gum, drinking soda and eating to excess can all trigger hiccups.  Most hiccups go away on their own or after dinking a glass of water.   JERKING AWAKE  Especially just as you start to fall asleep.  Jerks can happen when you are sleep deprived or stressed.   YAWNING WHEN SOMEONE ELSE YAWNS  Contagious yawning is not related to tiredness or energy levels.  It decreases with age,  Some people are more susceptible to contagious yawning than others.   YOUR NOSE BLEEDING OUT OF NOWHERE  Typically occurs because of dry nasal passages.  Irritation due to allergies, cold, sneezing, blowing your nose too hard or overuse of decongestion and nasal sprays can trigger a nosebleed. If it doesn't stop within 30 minutes, go to the emergency room.   SNEEZING IN BRIGHT LIGHT   "Photo sneeze reflex" is when light is mistaken by the brain as an irritant to the nose.  A genetic trait is when you sneeze 1 to 3 times in succession.   FEELING TWITCHY  Can happen from lack of sleep, stress, exercise and anxiety.  Rapid muscle twitch in arm, leg or eye is common.  If it persists or muscle weakness go to a doctor.   WALKING IN YOUR SLEEP  This is the leading cause of sleep-related injuries. Episodes last from 6 seconds to longer than a half hour.  It is important to see a professional.

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