Sunday, March 2, 2014


Make sure you always appreciate the good days.  I got so used to them, when I started to backslide recently I realized I had taken them for granted.  Handling stress is not one of my strong-suits.  Sometimes, I am great during the crises.  But after, I seem to fall apart.  These past weeks have really tested me. I am sorry to say I am failing.  The signs are all there: lack of concentration, some confusion, overwhelming sadness, and extreme tiredness.  Realizing these symptoms is very important.  I have been trying to take all my medicine.  The hardest thing is with sleeping a lot, I have missed my morning dosage a few times.  Staying optimistic is hard. Sometimes, I want throw something at the walls. Then, of course, I have long crying spells.  All the things that would help with a mediocre day, I seem now unable to do.  But I have been through these setbacks before.  This will pass.  For all of you who have just been diagnosed with bi-polar, this is not to be discouraging.  I share this with you because you do need to enjoy your good days. Make sure to value them. This will help with the bad. Under stress, try your best to take care of yourself.  Keep in mind sometimes you will backslide.  It will be temporary.  Please if you need help, get it. This is not a sign of weakness. A lot of times we need to talk to someone to get past this episode. I know at times all I needed was my medication adjusted. Do not let this illness get the best of you. Keep fighting. When this bad time passes, remember it so you know you can handle the setbacks. 

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