Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moochers, Parasites, Leeches, and Entitlement Addicts

If the stigma of mental illness with society is not bad enough, Republicans have decided to rename some of us. Those who receive Social Security, food stamps(SNAP), Medicaid, or welfare are considered moochers. We are lazy individuals who are getting addicted to government entitlement programs. Of this list Social Security is the most absurd compared to the rest. This program was designed for retirement and disability.  Why shouldn't people live off their Social Security earnings?  They paid into it.  As far as disability,  we are determined unable to work by their chosen doctors. If we are unable to work, of course we rely on our check. Who is supposed to support us?  By the way, we paid into the program when we able to work. Most of us do not receive a lot .  That makes us qualify for food stamps. Of course, more with children than a single person. In my state, my medicare premiums are paid for me. What medicare does not pay for in medical expenses, medicaid will pick up.  I only have a small co-payment. With all this talk of the poor being leeches, government has cut food stamps. Of course, some where not satisfied with that amount. They would have liked to see a deeper cut. During the time when all the insulting names were being used, we were going through a very bad time in this country. There were hardly any jobs to be found. As a matter of fact, companies were downsizing. How could they be so callous to the people whose families would have starved without the help?  Do they think parents who have worked for many years felt good about having their children see them have to sign up for these gov't freebies(as the politicians have called them).  Do they not realize some of this people vote?  Oh, that's right, the poor and those below poverty level are not in their party.  Well, we are all not old white males who headed to D.C.  You know what?  I am glad I am not. Sometimes, I think my illness has helped me to be more humane. I can empathize with people more. I am more open-minded with people who are different than I am.  To me, being disabled has brought things into perspective for me. I now know what is truly the important things in life.  My choice, I'll stick with the moochers any day.

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