Thursday, October 31, 2013

If any of you have went for disability you know how frustrating it can be. All the questions from several different people. Some are the exact same as the person before. The waiting is excruciating.  Oh yeah, let's not forget the examination.  Really, what do some mental illnesses have to do with intelligence. Some of history's most famous people had bi-polar. But most of the application is an aptitude evaluation. BEWARE. They will try to trick you. I was warned but my competitive side got the best of me.  I have always loved trivia.  I got so got up in answering the general knowledge test, I forgot that it was to apply for Social Security. It also did not help that I was in a manic mood that day. I felt almighty and had to prove just how smart I was.  Man, I really forget the reason I was there. He told me how I was too intelligent to be not working.  I was suckered in then.  Tell my ego more.  He told me jobs that I could handle since I also had anxiety. Of course, I did not stop to think these jobs were very hard to find. Especially in a small town, like where I was living. Nor did I stop to remember this was a good day not my usual so tired I can't get out of bed day. I forgot about the days when I so scared I do not want to leave home. I got so caught up in his excitement of how great I was that I forgot the usual me. Well, I don't have to tell you what the decision was. That was strike two for me. I tried to work again.  By this time, the six months to appeal had past. I had to start the process all over. My therapist told me to be assertive. I passed assertive and right to aggressive. I tried to be ready this time.  Now I realize it was my fault for not being on alert for the past evaluation, but I really did feel tricked. I read all the web sites about what they judge on. How they make their determination. Some suggested stretching the truth. Well, as luck would have it I did not even have to.  I was so upset about not having any money, relying on my mother for everything, and failing my son, I was a complete mess. I was cycling so fast, I made their head spin.  I unleashed every emotion I had on the examiner. He told me I was on the wrong meds and left to get the doctor. She asked me some questions also.  She agreed I was on the wrong medicine. When I told her my doctor, she did not seem pleased.  I told her I didn't want to kill myself and I didn't want to kill anyone else. The meds were working fine for me. Apparently, I got just a little loud.  My mother said they could here me in the waiting room. I guess this answer satisfied the doctor. She left the room and the appointment was over. I went to the restroom. The examiner tried then to tell my mother I needed another doctor and my medicine changed,  After hearing my answer to that from when I was screaming at them, my mom was ready. She also gave them a piece of her mind. I must take after here when I am upset because I could hear her through the bathroom door. As we were leaving can you believe the examiner gave me the doctor's card to call if I should change my mind.  Guess what?  I got approved for Social Security and SSI.  Did I change doctor's or have my meds changed?  I think you know the answer to that.  Until next time, may your laughter be plenty and your tears be few.

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