Friday, October 18, 2013

For those of you who have bi-polar do you find the way TV portrays this illness frustrating?  For a few years now,  the murderer on crime shows seems to have bi-polar.  Let's see, I've seen this on all the different Law and Order shows, Criminal Minds, and the three CSI shows. I agree some people do have violent outbursts, but as far as I know most are not deranged killers. I guess along with everything else, bi-polar was a fad TV was going through. The only problem with these is there is still a stigma about mental illness. Yes, society has come along way. But, with these popular shows we do not want people to believe we all are possible to flip out at any moment and go on a murderess rampage. Then on other shows the details are little hard to believe. Any one watch General Hospital? If not, Sonny is a character who has bi-polar. His girlfriend has been killed. His sons have found him trying to shoot himself. They bring him home. Someone agrees to stay with him and make sure he takes his meds. The problem with this is, she hands him the pills then leaves the bottle beside him. This man has just tried to kill himself and she leaves the bottle with him. She also leaves him several times during this segments. She assumes he is taking medicine. Of course, she doesn't stick around to see him spit the pills out. I know some of this fits into the plot lines. But really, leaving a suicidal man with a bottle of pills seems like a big over-sight. I don't know, maybe since I have this illness I react differently. I wish they would be more realistic when using bi-polar for dramatic situations.  Until next time      May your tears be few and your laughs plenty.

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