Sunday, October 13, 2013

This blog is about finding humor even in the darkest times in our life.  How can I have the nerve to joke about mental illness?  I have bi-polar disorder and severe anxiety.  The anxiety is so bad at times that I become housebound.  I may have an odd sense of humor, but I have found that laughter helps. Not everyone will find my jokes funny.  I do not want to insult anyone.  I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. This will be my personal stories and opinions. If you smile great.  If my advice helps even better.  Honestly, I think you will get more aggravated with my awful grammar and typing skills. Please don't loose patience.  I am sure they will improve in time. What I write about each week will have no particular order of subjects. Whatever comes to mind that day will be the topic. Let's hope I'm not manic, my hands will not be able to type as fast as my thoughts flow.  You will never be able to understand me.  I can follow several conversations in my head at one time, and I can actually keep up.  No one else can understand me when I am flipping in and out of ideas. But as long as I understand me, it can't be all that bad. Can it? Well, we will see how this goes .  This is something new for me. For those who also have anxiety, you can appreciate my taking a step out of my comfort zone. Until next time,  May your tears be few and your laughs plenty.

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