Sunday, December 17, 2017

What happens if you trigger a Border Personality Disorder person?

Answered on Quora by Gail Linn MA Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychology: "I don't care if you have had years of professional experience with BPD, years trying out one you are partners with, if you trigger him/her into a rage, just hunker down. You do not have a chance to calm down an enraged BPD. I could only have 1 or 2 BPD clients on my caseload at once, because they took so much work and energy. And I could actually delude myself that I was doing some good progress with a BPD client but the hard part for a is every question or comment has to be weighed through the clients' eyes before you actually say something. It is like walking a minefield. Many of my counselor friends would not even take on a BPD client. My view was they deserved equal chance at seeking counseling, and not all were nightmares clients (in fact I have kept contact with one or two for many years) but their rage no matter what could be frighting." "Disagreeing with a BPD is a huge trigger. Do not alter(or attempt to alter) the view of something they believe in totally."

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