Thursday, July 20, 2017


In 2016,more than 36,000 complaints of fraud and identity theft were reported in Louisiana. Particularly at risk are older people. Scammers often target those who are likely to have a nest egg. Also, veterans are targeted in a variety of scams. Some examples are, illegitimate "charities" that claim to be raising money for veterans, fake military discounts for real estate and offers to "buy out" military disability benefits or pensions at a fraction of the value. In Mississippi, there are an estimated 219,00 veterans. To ensure they don't fall victim to fraud, there will be events that offer an opportunity to learn about fraud prevention, financial security and caregiving. More than hurt feelings can result in relationships gone wrong. The cost could be financial, as well, for victims of online dating scams. In 2016, nearly 15,000 complaints were received by the FBI Internet Crime Center about romance scams. These complaints were nationwide, with losses exceeding $230 million. The typical scam is the con artist pretends to be romantically interested to gain the victim's affection. After awhile, he claims to be in a "crisis" and asks for money.

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