Thursday, July 20, 2017

Other countries: How they are preparing for an aging population.

The "Aging Readiness and Competitiveness Report" identified creative programs to promote entrepreneurship and volunteerism, lifelong learning in technology and finance, intergenerational communities and support for caregivers. Here are some examples: UNITED KINGDOM Unemployed, low-income or disabled individuals can be helped by the New Enterprise Allowance program. This program can help them start their own business by matching applicants with a business mentor. TURKEY Caregiver Service Program helps low-income older adults by compensating family members for the cost associated having to quit a job to care for an aging relative. CANADA Older Adults With Mobile Technology ensures that older individuals can use technologies including, tablets, mobile phones, Facebook, Skype and Microsoft Office. ISRAEL Here We Live is an intergenerational program that connects old and young people by matching older adults who live independently and have a spare bedroom with college students. CHINA The Silver Age Action Initiative uses the experience and knowledge of retired professionals to advance social and economic development in regions of the country that are less developed. BRAZIL The Financial Education To Older Adults program helps older adults whose financial literacy has not kept pace with Brazil's rapid expansion of credit and access to finance.

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