Friday, August 12, 2016


The Health Department in the United Kingdom identifies nine types of alcoholism. (1). DEPRESSED They drink because a crises has occurred in their live. This could be a divorce, financial problems, a death in the family, etc. Alcohol is used for comfort. (2). HEDONISTIC Usually they drink to have fun, return to their youth, and go mad. They tend to be single and have no children or they are older and their children have flown the nest. (3). SOCIAL This type drinks in a group and do so because they want a feeling of security. Generally they lack self-confidence. (4). BORDER DEPENDENT Drink because they are bored and dissatisfied with their lives. Spend all day in the bar. (5). MACHO Feel they are not appreciated by people and find this very frustrating. (6). BORED They are bored and drink to relieve it. Includes single mothers and singles who have no interest outside alcohol. (7). CONFORMIST This drink addict believes drinking a lot is what men do. They go to clubs and pubs and get pissed. (8). DISTRESSED This type is stressed and it rules their lives. They believe drinking gives their control over their lives and calms them down. (9). EASYGOING They drink socially all they time and have many friends. They often forget how much they drunk, as it is such a big part of their lives. PROJECT KNOW

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  1. This was very interesting. I know many alcoholics and can see how they fit in different categories for why they drink.