Thursday, August 11, 2016


Think about some of your favorite and least favorite places. If you think about the place hard enough-if you really try to think about what it's like-you may begin to have feelings you associate with that location. Our brain has the ability to create emotional reactions based entirely off of our thoughts. The imagery technique uses this to its advantage. Make sure you're somewhere quiet without too much noise or distraction. You'll need a few minutes to just spend quietly, in your mind. Think of a place that's calming for you. Some examples are the beach, hiking on a mountain, relaxing at home with a friend, or playing with a pet. Paint a picture of the calming place in your mind. Don't just think of the place briefly-imagine every little detail. Go through each of your senses and imagine what you would experience in your relaxing place. Here's an example using the beach: A. SIGHT The sun is high in the sky and you're surrounded by white sand. There's no one else around. The water is greenish-blue and waves are calmly rolling in from the ocean. B. SOUND You can hear the deep pounding and splashing of the waves. There are seagulls somewhere in the background. C. TOUCH The sun is warm on your back, but a breeze cools you down just enough. You can feel sand moving between your toes. D. TASTE You have a glass of lemonade that's sweet, tart, and refreshing. E. SMELL You can smell the fresh ocean air, full of salt and calming aromas.

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