Wednesday, August 24, 2016


STARTING YOUR DAY Take an extra minute before you get out of bed. Lie still and notice how your body feels. Next, add a long stretch and you've set a mindful tone for the day. You can set your alarm for a different ring tone if you are worried that you will forget to do this. FOCUS ON BRUSHING YOUR TEETH This is your only assignment. Concentrate on the task as you go. Just focus on scrubbing and the taste. To prevent your mind from wandering is the goal. It is to notice when your mind drifts away and bring it back. HIT "PAUSE" THREE TIMES Set three alarms on your phone, spreading them over the day. Do a mini-meditation when the alarm goes off. A five-senses picture of what you see, hear, feel, smell, maybe taste. This should only last about 5 seconds. When you pause, even for a short amount of time, you will make better choices. MAKE A WALK MORE MINDFUL Do a five-senses survey with phone down and mind quiet. Take in what's going on around you. As a visual reminder, switch your watch or ring to the other hand if you feel you may forget to do this exercise. After your walk, you can switch them back. STEP OUTSIDE Taking a break among the trees is easy to practice mindfulness. In nature, there are many things to focus on. This cuts down on stress. It is also a reminder that the world is bigger than we are. It helps to put our worries into perspective. DIRECT EYE CONTACT The next time you ask your child or family member "How are you feeling" make eye contact. Tell them to make eye contact with you when talking. Making eye contact is powerful. Better health, more happiness, less disease and a longer life are linked with social support by decades of research. When you are living a distracted packed life, it is hard to make this kinds of connections. FULL-ON MEDITATION After mastering mindfulness moments, it is time for full-on meditation. Sit comfortably. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Practice concentrating on breathing, notice when your mind wanders. Gently lead it back to the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. REDBOOK

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