Tuesday, August 23, 2016


(1) 35 is the age at which women become less likely to develop an anxiety disorder, research shows. Still, women are more susceptible than men at any age. Whether male or female, reach out if a stressor in your life begins to feel paralyzing. It can be detrimental to your health when you are overwhelmed by something. (2) Shouting at your partner could be damaging to your heart. A new study suggests that repeated over activation of the cardiovascular system can damage the lining of blood vessels, leading to hypertension and other heart problems. Stonewalling(shutting out your significant other) may cause your muscles to tense up, leaving you achy. While neither is bad in moderation, still pick your battles carefully. (3). You may be more likely to gain weight if you skip breakfast, than if you have two small meals before lunch. That can prevent snacking and overeating later on. Suggestion: Try a handful of nuts in the morning and some fresh fruit before lunch. (4). Make your car a no-call zone. If the call is important pull over. A British study found that drivers who talked hands-free were just as distracted as those who made calls using their hands to hold the phone. Turns out, the real issue is what you see when you are on the phone. You visualize your conversation and that can prevent you from processing what is right in front of you.

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