Friday, June 17, 2016


By day, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum offers historical tours. By evening, visitors can wander through the darkened halls in search of the ghosts of former patients. Some visitors even spend the night. Participants in the nighttime tours repeatedly tell of hearing groans and screams. Michelle Graham is one of the locals who conducts the paranormal walks. Michelle tells the group on Ward 4 there is long-dead patient named Ruth. She will push people around if they call out her name. They have been pushed from behind. In the asylum, doors will open and close. Some will hit the visitors in their face. Also, there is Lily. She was apparently a patient here as a little girl. Reportedly, she will hold hands. She has been known to turn flashlights on and off in response to questions. Visitors have claimed they have played ball with her. She will roll the ball back and forth between people. Visitors often leave shivering whether they have come for the history or the haunting. Many of you may not believe in ghosts or feel these tours are insensitive, I came across this story and found it interesting. Jay Jones Los Angeles Times

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  1. I had watched the ghost tours on Ghost Adventures and also a documentary about it. It is a strange place.