Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It is one of the most famous symbols of Christmas and also the most recognized.  It is one of the most sacred and magical plants in Christian folklore.  The sprigs of this plant are extensively used in Christmas decorations and it is also believed that the plant can protect the house from lightening and fire.  This is why many people also leave the sprigs all the year round.  There is also a traditional belief that mistletoe is a plant of peace and that a kiss under the plant ensures undying love and friendship.  The belief that no lady standing under decorated mistletoe can refuse to be kissed.  It is obviously a major attraction for young men.  And a kiss under mistletoe is often interpreted as a proposal of marriage though most of this beliefs and superstitions are of pagan origin, they are still prevalent in all their glory, the legend of the mistletoe being a widely celebrated one.   www.wordofchristmas.net

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