Thursday, December 17, 2015


29 states this year have established laws or increased services for family caregivers.  THE CAREGIVER ADVISE, RECORD, ENABLE (CARE) ACT  Developed by AARP and passed in 18 states, ensures that family caregivers are clearly identified when a loved one enters a hospital and that they are provided training and support before discharge.  This includes how to perform medical tasks at home, such as cleaning feeding tubes and managing medications.  FINANCIAL CAREGIVING laws  Adopted in 2015 in five states, aim for consistency among states in adult guardianship and power-of-attorney laws and tax credits for family caregivers who use their own money to provide care.  NURSE SCOPE AND DELEGATION laws  Passed in six states, allow advanced-practice registered nurses to serve as the primary or acute care provider of record and allow nurse practioners to delegate and transfer authority to trained home care professionals.  WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY laws Now in two states Help family caregivers balance responsibilities at home and work.  Flexibility may come through state improvements to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or through employers' paid or unpaid leave policies.   Additionally, many states have passed bills to protect or increase home and community based care and respite care for family caregivers and several states are considering such bills.

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