Saturday, September 5, 2015

Looking at Terrorism from the Inside

Here are only a few acts of domestic terrorism out of SEVERAL that have taken place in the U.S.    (1)  OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING   This truck bomb attack by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people on April 19, 1995.    (2)  CENTENNIAL OLYMPIC PARK BOMBING  July 27, 1996 in Atlanta, Ga. during the 1996 Summer Olympics.  The first of four committed by Eric Robert Rudolph, former explosives expert for the U.S. Army.  2 people died and 111 were injured.    (3)  WISCONSIN SIKH TEMPLE SHOOTING.  On August 5, 2012, Wade Michael Page fatally shot 6 people and wounded 4 others in a mass shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  Page was an American white supremacist.  All of the dead were members of the Sikh faith.  (4)  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SHOOTINGS  Over several days in early February 2013, Christopher Dorner killed 3 police officers and a basketball coach leading to a widescale manhunt and his eventual suicide during a standoff with police.   This was only the start of the listings.  From 2013 to present there were 16 that were printed.  There were so many all toll I was not able to list them.  Maybe we should start worrying about the enemy within our country?

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