Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 Breeds Vets Worry About The Most

1. GOLDEN RETRIEVERS  This breed is not seen as much this days.   They have breed-related health issues.  Cancer being the most common one giving them the nickname " The Cancer Retriever."    2.  BULLDOGS  Many need surgery to shorten their soft palate and enlarge their nostrils just so they can breath somewhat normally.  Health problems that diminish the quality of life for many and often make them expensive to own.    3.  CHIHUAHUAS  They have become famous because of  Taco Bell and Paris Hilton.  The popularity has driven an explosion that's out of sync for number of homes.  There are many in shelters and finding them a home is a challenge.   4.  GERMAN SHEPARDS  Problems with their health have increased with every decade.  They are prone to epilepsy, vision problems, bleeding disorder and digestive problems.    5.  PITBULLS  There are just too many of them.  Same problem as Chihuahuas.     Mom.Me

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