Sunday, August 30, 2015


(1)  SODA  Post-soda crash  Brief energy boost before both your blood sugar and mood plummet   (2)  BOTTLED FRUIT AND SMOOTHIES AND JUICES  Some contain enough sugar to cause an energy crash resulting in a sullen mood   (3)  NON-ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES  Pesticides containing neurotoxins can damage the nervous system and brain leading to depression and mood changes.   (4)  SALTED NUTS  High levels of sodium  Questionable additives causing anxiety and headaches   (5)  AGAVE NECTAR  Contains fructose which leads to weight gain, risk of depression and mood disorders   (6)  DELI MEATS  Often made up of cheap cuts of animal that are not fed natural healthful diets  Risk of depression, mood disorders and migraines   (7)  POTATO CHIPS  Are fried in oil full omega -6 fatty acids which block the mood enhancers found in omega-3s and can bring down your happiness quotient   (8)  CANNED SOUP  Highest amount of bisphenol-A on market  It is linked to depression and anxiety  Choose other products instead of cans   (9)  SOY YOGURT  Higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids which undo all the mood-boosting goodness of omega-3s found in your diet    Information by THE DAILY MEAL     Do you agree with this?  Just reading this makes you depressed.  I don't know you but I eat a lot of these foods.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. I agree with the majority of it.
    I've had many friends who over the years have had allergies to many of these foods and when they stopped eating them they were as good as gold!