Sunday, August 30, 2015

American Behavior Considered Rude Around The World

TIPPING  In Japan tipping is considered rude- superior service is expected without added incentive and is calculated in the bill.   WHISTLING  In Haiti kids are generally to be seen not heard.   OPEN-MOUTH LAUGHING  In Japan open-mouth, teeth-exposed laughter is thought to "sound like horses".  It is considered impolite and unladylike.    SHOWING UP ON TIME  In Argentine culture showing up for a dinner party right on the nose would be like showing up roughly an hour early in America.  It is considered audacious.    OPENING A GIFT IN THE PRESENCE OF THE GIVER  In China and India it is considered very bad form.  One gift-giver may have outdone another making it awkward.  Digging right in looks greedy and lacks suspense.    NOT REJECTING A GIFT  Rejecting a gift in U.S. up to three times is rude.  In Japan it is a tradition.   

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