Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Foods that will dehydrate you The Daily Meal

ALCOHOL is a diuretic.  WHITE ASPARAGUS is loaded with aspartic acid which stimulates renal activity causing dehydration.  CURED MEATS are high in protein that cause dehydration.  Salt can dry out the body quickly.  COFFEE is a diuretic.  Its caffeine can aid in speeding up dehydration.  SOY SAUCE used frequently can cause mild dehydration.  BOUILLON CUBES have an alarming amount of salt.  POPCORN bought at the movie theater contains roughly 550 milligrams of sodium in a small size.  FRIED FOODS consumed frequently can dehydrate you.  Fried and processed foods have hidden amounts of salt, causing you to go over the 1/2 teaspoon daily salt intake recommendation.  SUGARY DRINKS are high in sugar which creates an acidic environment in the body impeding enzyme function and straining the kidneys.  They may quench your thirst initially.  But the sugars are siphoning out your body's water storage by making your organs work harder to process them.

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