Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5 Vintage Appliances That Could Have Killed You

(1)  Toxic Refrigerators  Early designs relied on ether, ammonia and other toxic gases to help the cooling process.   (2) Toasted  First electric toaster "the coils" conducting the heat were actually iron wires that melted easily creating a fire hazard.   (3) Hair  drying the asbestos way  Hair manufacturers ( Conair GE) produced models that would literally blow asbestos directly into the face of the user. A recall in 1979 was unsuccessful only 3 million of 18 million were recovered.   (4) The Kenmore Indoor Garbage Burner  Little has been written about this unfortunate offering from Sears which promised homeowners in 1952 that they'd be spared the effort of burning their trash outdoors.  (5) The Mangler  Inspired Stephen King's short story  Prior to the spin cycle, washers squeezed out excess wash water using a wringer, a giant set of rolling pins exerting 800 pounds of pressure that ingested fabric and anything else that got in the way.  Anyone trapped had to try to pull the power cord out of the socket.  It has no on/off switch.            Mental Floss

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