Friday, May 22, 2015

JAMES DEAN'S "Little Bastard" An agent of Satan

In 1955, James Dean owned a Porsche Spyder which killed him in a fiery crash.  It was basically an agent of Satan.  The man who bought "Little Bastard" after Dean's death, George Barns, would restore it.  While mechanics were unloading it, the engine fell out and broke both of an engineer's legs.  The parts were later sold to Troy McHenry and William Eschrid, two physicians and racing nerds who would face the wrath of "Little Bastard".  During a contest, at the Pomona Fairgrounds; both the car with the installed parts from the Porsche and McHenry's vehicle smashed into a tree.  Killing McHenry instantly,  Eschrid's car flipped and he sustained life-threating injuries.  Two tires from the Porsche were sold to a boy and a short time later they both blew out and the boy would die.  What was left of "Little Bastard" was sold to California Highway Patrol; within two days, the garage hosting the car burnt to the ground.  Every vehicle within was destroyed except for "Little Bastard".  Auctioned to an exhibit. the Porsche crushed a teen's hip when it fell from the display.  Through all this, a young man tried to steal the steering wheel and he gashed his arm significantly.  In 1960, "Little Bastard" mysteriously disassembled and broke into pieces, rendering it useless.

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