Friday, May 1, 2015

Foods that can affect your dreams Blogger:Being Sane Takes Too Much Work

=1= Small squares of cheese before bed will be enough to promote peaceful dreams.   =2= Chocolate  Eating sugary treats less than an hour before bed might keep you up.  It has compounds that have psychoactive effects on the brain causing enhanced dreams(good and bad).  One of these compounds produces adrenaline in the body increasing blood pressure and heart rate.   =3=  Foods with high fat content can release molecules that produce a feeling of euphoria.  If you fall asleep before the body ia able to process fatty foods, it leads to indigestion.  It can disturb sleep, cause very vivid dreams even nightmares.   =4= Foods high in Typtophan and Vitamin B6, leads to a good night's rest.  Turkey and fish are both calming and promote good dreams.   =5= Milk  It contains a hormone that helps regulate sleep patterns before bed. It promotes good and longer sleep during REM.  Also, promotes longer dreams.    =6= Nutmeg  Large amounts of spices could make your dreams eccentric.  Nutmeg compound(myristicin).  The body converts it into a chemical called MMDA(Ectasy).   =7= Watch out for Indian dishes before bed.  If you don't eat spicy foods a lot, you may dream some bizarre narratives. THE DAILY MEAL

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