Saturday, May 2, 2015

10 Best "Revenge" Songs Ever

4.  Bob Dylan  "Idiot Wind"  (1975)  Unknown target  Best lines: Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth/You're an idiot babe/It's a wonder that you still know how to breath  3.  Carly Simon  "You're So Vain"  (1972)  Alleged target: Prime 70's cad Warren Beatty  Runner up: Mick Jagger who sings back up in chorus.  Best lines: You had me several years ago/When I was still quiet naive/Well you said that we make such a pretty pair/And that you would never leave/But you gave away the things you loved/And one of them was me...You're so vain/I bet you think this song is about you.  2.  Alanis Morrisette  "You Oughta Know"  (1995)  Alleged target: Dave Coulier, an old flame who starred in the TV show "Full House".  Best Lines: Is she perverted like me/Would she go down on you in a theater?...It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced/Are you thinking of me when you f --- her?...Everytime I scratch my nails down someone's back/I hope you feel it.  According to the NY Daily News this is #1  Marianne Faithfull   Why'd you do it  (1979)  Target unknown  Why'd you let that trash get a hold of your c---/get stoned on my hash/Why'd you do it, she said/Why'd you let her suck your c---/Oh, do me a favor don't put me in the dark/Why'd you spit on my shit/are we out of love now, or is this just a bad patch?

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