Thursday, April 30, 2015

These countries take naming babies VERY serious- Banned baby names Part 1

THE MEXICAN STATE OF SONORA bans names like Lady Di, Circumcision, Cesarean, Facebook, Yahoo, Private or Rolling Stone.  They label these names as discriminatory or lacking in meaning.  The objective is to protect children from being bullied because of their name. In MEXICO, naming your kid after literary characters is not allowed. Harry Potter, Hermione, James Bond, Rambo, Pocahontas, Batman, Terminator, Rocky(Any superhero or action star) is illegal. Naming children after the names of animals, fruits or vegetables is banned in MALAYSIA. SAUDI ARABIA'S interior ministry came out with a list of about 50 banned names it considers foreign or contradictory to their religion. Malak(Angel)  Nabi(Prophet)  Jibreel(Gabriel). Also banned are Maya, Linda and Laureen. In PORTUGAL, nicknames like Tom, Rob, or Sammy are not allowed on birth certificates. Tomas is ok but not Tom. Mona Lisa is also found on the 41-page document of outlawed names in PORTUGAL.Under CHINESE naming regulations, characters that cannot be represented on the computer are banned.     Newscom/Reuters

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