Saturday, April 25, 2015

FOX Sports Official MLB Mascot Rankings

From last to the best.  ATLANTA BRAVES: Homer the Brave    TEXAS RANGERS: Rangers Captain    TORONTO BLUE JAYS: Ace   ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS: D. Baxter the Bobcat    WASHINGTON NATIONALS: Screech    MIAMI MARLINS: Billy the Marlin    ST. LOUIS CARDINALS: Fredbird    CLEVELAND INDIANS: Slider    DETROIT TIGERS: Paws    CHICAGO CUBS: Clark    MINNESOTA TWINS: T.C. Bear    OAKLAND ATHLETICS: Stomper    BALTIMORE ORIOLES: The Oriole Bird    CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Southpaw    COLORADO ROCKIES: Dinger    SEATTLE MARINERS: Mariner Moose   HOUSTEN ASTROS: Orbit    TAMPA BAY RAYS: Raymond    SAN DIEGO PADRES: Swinging Friar    SAN FRANCISO GIANTS: Lou Seal    BOSTON RED SOX: Wally the Green Munster    PITTSBURGH PIRATES: Pirate Parrot    NEW YORK METS: Mr. & Mrs. Met    KANSAS CITY ROYALS: Sluggerrr    CINCINNATI REDS: Mr. Redlegs/Gapper/Rosie Red   MILWAUKEE BREWERS: Bernie Brewer    #1 is PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES: Phillie Phanatic

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