Monday, April 27, 2015


1.  The longest kiss lasted more than 58 hours making the Guinness World Record.  2.  Kissing is good for your teeth. It's shown to help prevent tooth decay.  3.  Your view of yourself affects whom you kiss. The sexier you think you are the pickier you are with whom you kiss. Research shows ages 18 through 63 found that those who find themselves attractive, place a greater importance on kissing.  4.  Women prefer kissing men without beards. 53% of women prefer clean-shaven men.  5.  Goodbye kisses help husbands live loner. Research shows a peck before work will increase his life expectancy.  6.  Two-thirds people tilt their heads the same way. After observing more than 120 kisses, there were twice as many people who turned their heads to the right than the left.  7.  Ancient Romans set the ground for Wedding Kisses  They legally bound contracts with a public kiss, including weddings.  8.  Kissing isn't universal. 10% of the world is missing out. They have other ways of showing affection.  9.  The first on-screen kiss was more than a century ago. In 1896, Thomas Edison showed The Kiss a 23 second film in his New Jersey studio during a time when public kissing was taboo.  10.  Kissing transfers lots of bugs. A 10 second make-out session can transmit up to 80 million bacteria. I don't think this is going matter too much.  Do you?       Woman's Day

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