Monday, March 2, 2015

These clothes got some kids into trouble at their schools.

MEMORIAL T-SHIRTS get a cold shoulder at Lakeview Middle School in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Kids were wearing t-shirs memorializing a classmate who died of cancer.  The kids were asked to change, turn the shirts inside out or cover the name with tape.  The administration reversed the decision after an uproar.  A junior at Thompson Valley High in Loveland, Colorado wore rosary beads.  They were taken because the administration felt they were affiliated with gangs and disruptive to learning.  Also considered to be associated with area gangs, were neon shoes and laces.  About 100 students at Canton High School in Mississippi, received an in-school suspension for breaking the ban.  The most loyal dress code until 2012, was at Oklahoma public schools.  Kids could only wear apparel that represented the state colleges.  This caused a controversy when a kindergartner had to turn his Wolverines t-shirt inside out.  The policy has been dropped.  In Ohio, a male student got suspended for two days because he was growing out his hair for LOCKS OF LOVE.  At Canton Local School District, males cannot have hair that covers their eyes, be worn in a ponytail or extending beyond bottom of the regular shirt collar.  Ugg boots were banned at Pottsdam Middle School in Pennsylvania.  Students were allegedly hiding cell phones in the boots.  Hoodies are banned at North High School.  29 Students were given a two-day suspension in 2008 for violating the dress code.  The administration felt students were hard to identify when wearing the hoodies.    Information by  MOM.ME

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