Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cities with the best and worst teams IV

BEST: ST. LOUIS    Red Birds (Cardinals) have won 2 World Series this century and total of 11.  Rams have one Super Bowl ring from way back. Blues have no playoffs.      WORST:  SAN DIEGO    Last place playoffs were in 2007 Chargers continue to be competitive .  They just missed playoffs in 2014.  But they could be moving up north to LA.  Padres were the story of the MLB off season.    BEST: DENVER  Broncos have 2 Super Bowl wins and high hopes for 2015.  AVS Stanley Cup wins in 1996 and 2001. Nuggets and Rockies have no championships.    WORST:  TAMPA BAY  Bucs had a disastrous 2014 season.  Rays still competing in the AL East.  Lightning is the city's best hope.     BEST: SEATTLE  Mariners improved in 2014.  Sounders are a powerhouse franchise in the MLS.  Came close to winning 2nd Super Bowl.     WORST:  JACKSONVILLE  Jags are the only major pro sports team for this city.  Total of 14 wins over the last 4 seasons.  Last winning season was 2007.

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