Thursday, March 19, 2015

Allegations of Plagiarism

Ex-Beatle vs. Chiffons    1970's  My Sweet Lord is nearly identical to He's So Fine.   Huey Lewis  vs.  The Ghostbusters   Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters 1984 song resembled  I Want A New Drug.   Vanilla Ice vs. Queen  1990 Ice, Ice Baby used a sample of Queen-David Bowie  Under Pressure with credit.   The weirdest  Fogerty  vs.  Fogerty    1985  The Old Man Down The Road  The former label felt it sounded too much like  Run Through The Jungle in which John Fogerty was the frontman for The Creedance Clearwater Revival.   Tom Petty  vs.  Sam Smith   Stay With Me  resemblances Tom Petty's 1989  I Won't Back Down.   They gave co-writing credit to Petty.

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