Sunday, February 1, 2015

Family-Friendly Dogs (continued)

BEAGLE- Friendly, easy going nature  They usually have good health.  Down side: they tend to be "yappy".   HAVANESE- Known for their non-shedding coat.  They are good for allergy sufferers.  They are smart, quite and affectionate.  They are happy exercising or just sitting in your lap.   GOLDEN RETRIEVER- They have a gentle, playful nature.  They have an eager to please attitude.  Down side:Life span tends to be less than 10 years.   GREYHOUND- If you have a newborn baby, this dog does not need a lot of activity. They do run extremely fast, but they do not not tons of exercise.  They are quite  dogs.  They are also, loyal and intelligent.   RESCUE PUPS- It is a MYTH that you can go to the best breeder and get a great family dog.  Dogs are individuals, just like people are.  There is just as much chance the dog could be bad-tempered or sick from a breeder as from a shelter.  (Happened to me, breeder was selling puppies with mange. WE got two puppies from him.  Both died.  Our vet made sure the man went out of business)  Tip: Select the most sociable of the bunch.  The dog cowering in the corner often means behavior problems.  Also, make sure the dog will realistically fit into your family routine.  Found out how active the breed is.  You also need to know how much exercise the dog will require.

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