Saturday, January 31, 2015

Family-Friendly Dogs List #1

Thinking about getting a dog for your family?  The following were suggested by Dr. Tracy Akner on Mom.Me.   LABRADOODLE- Hybrid  Boasts the best of both worlds: Poodle makes them smart and  Lab makes them fun, mushy and playful.    CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL-  They have a sweet social temperament.  They are good with other dogs.  Downside is they often have health issues.   LABRADOR RETRIEVER- They have been on top of the American Kennel Club's "Most popular breeds" list for 21 years.  They have a gentle, calm disposition .  They have a loyal nature and they are easy to train. Labs love to be active.   FRENCH BULLDOG- Friendly to everyone.  As opposed to just one family member as some breeds are.   BOXER- Especially loyal and protective.  They have a patient nature with children.   IRISH SETTER- High-energy  They love to have a great time, so this will keep the kids occupied.  They love to be around people they love.

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