Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What should you do to self-heal post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)?

Answered by Michael xxxxxxxx, I have PTSD, on Quora. "PTSD National Center for PTSD (www. va/gov) You can't self-heal PTSD. PTSD is branded on your brain like a brand on a bull. Would you try and heal diabetes by yourself? Would you treat patients found in ICU wards of hospitals by yourself? PTSD never goes away? It took two years of therapy, groups and doctors before I was diagnosed with PTSD. I spent decades trying to fix my pain. I failed and I lost a 30 yr marriage. I had success with Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT). This therapy teaches you to live with PTSD. You learn what this disease is and how to stop giving your past so much power over you. You learn to live in the present. You're given tools to help you when some event triggers a trauma in your past. I'm not suggesting what worked for me will work for you. There are free services you can use to get help. You can read books, talk to folks on Quora but these methods are band aids. Learn from me. You deserve to live a life of joy and laughter. Life is too short to be in pain. Deal with your pain and happiness will come to you."

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