Thursday, September 21, 2017


PSYCHIATRY AUTOPSY DICTIONARY VERSION: A procedure for investigating a person's death by reconstructing what the person thought, felt and did before death, based on information gathered from personal documents, police reports, medical and coroner's records and face-to-face interviews with families, friends and others who had contact with the person before the death. PSYCHIATRY DEFINITION: An autopsy that analyzes the cause(s) of death, examining the body and the circumstances-natural or unnatural that led to death; in the "usual" death a person suffers from a known set of morbid condition(s) and dies as a natural consequences of the terminal progression of those conditions; in "unnatural" death- homicide or suicide, determination of cause of death is more difficult and requires analysis of circumstances preceding death; a psychiatry autopsy focuses on the descendant's intention relating to his own death, especially suicide. ANOTHER PSYCHIATRY VERSION: An attempt to determine what, if any, emotional or psychological factors caused or contributed to an individual's suicide

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