Saturday, July 8, 2017

Having More ENERGY

Sleep, food and exercise are the key sources to getting more energy. They each provide energy differently. Our cognitive abilities are restored by help from sleep. Your brain is operating at a faster frequency when you are awake. The brain is excited and focused on whatever you are doing. Conscious control is turned off during sleep. Neurological activity slows so the brain can replenish itself. Food contains contains micro-and macro-nutrients. Your body breaks these down to energize your cells, tissues, and organs. Your heart can be made more efficient by exercise. Exercise can make it easier to distribute oxygen-rich, energy-producing red blood cells throughout the body. It also releases powerful endorphins which boost your mood. It makes a big difference in how you feel when you eat well, sleep enough and work out regularly. Some helpful information about energy: ENERGY BARS WILL NOT GIVE YOU ENERGY. You will get a jump start, however, you will crash quickly. The reason why is because so many are high in sugar. Choose one with a short ingredient list if you do not have time for a meal. Make sure it contains mostly nuts and fruits, not sugar. Grabbing something from home is better. Whole fruit and nuts are good. Particularly unsalted almonds. They are packed with the healthy fat and protein your body needs to feel energized throughout the day. TURNING OFF THE BLUE LIGHT. The blue light is emitted by the television, computer and phone screens. They can disrupt your circadian rhythm. This makes it harder for you to fall asleep and robs you of energy the next day. Turn off your devices an hour before bed. DON'T BE SO NICE. When you are drained, step away to refuel. Make sure to send a powerful message that there are limits. Your energy will be conserved for your own best interest. It's essential, not selfish. This is especially important for women. They often feel depleted because they are too focused on the needs of others to take care of themselves. STOP TO DO A FEW DEEP, CLEANSING BREATHS. You need to replenish yourself constantly throughout the day in order to feel mentally and physically powerful. To quickly reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body try the following exercise. This exercise will also produce endorphins which make you feel energized and happy. SIT QUIETLY for a few minutes. NOW takes a deep breath in for a count of six,and let it back out for a count of six. REPEAT this for a total of six cycles.

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