Tuesday, January 3, 2017

DO WE REALLY NEED SLEEP? Blogger:Being Sane Takes Too Much Work

Thomas Edison once proclaimed, "There is really no reason why men should go to bed at all." He stated he needed no more than 4 hours of sleep and expected the same for his employees. During his transatlantic flight, Charles Lindbergh claimed to stay up for 63 hours. There is also a workplace phenomenon called "sleep shaming". It is when an over-achiever type brags about their punishing work hours. "A compelling argument for the core function of sleep; says the chief of the Division of Sleep and Ciradian Disorders at Brigham, Charles Czeisler, is a 2007 paper published by UCLA biomathematician Van Savage". In this paper, Savage compared sleep duration and metabolic rates. The theory states that sleep is the brain's overnight rinse cycle. It is a time for flushing cellular debris generated by metallic activity. During this process the brain has to go offline, which is what we call sleep. The other issue about sleep, is its equality. The wealthy sleep better than the less affluent. Probably because there are services available to only those that can afford it. Whites sleep better than African Americans. Men are more satisfied with their sleep even though they sleep less than women. There is also an age gap. Young adults sleep more and sleep better than their elders.

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