Friday, November 18, 2016

ALL ABOUT SLEEP: Tips for a more restful night sleep( the basics and using sleep gadgets).

THE BASICS SET A SCHEDULE- Experts recommend to try to maintain the same sleep-wake pattern all week. Don't sleep in or stay up later than usual. UPGRADE YOUR BEDROOM- Take the TV out of the bedroom. If the mattress is worn-out, replace it. Same with pillows. LAY OFF THE LIGHTS-Using your smartphone or turning on a lamp in the middle of the night if awaken, can resist your internal clock. You might wake up the same time the next night, warns sleep expert Charles Czeisler. EMBRACING THE DARK SIDE- During blackouts and camping trips, insomniacs often report that their symptoms disappear. To mimic this, use no artificial lighting. A long rest is your brain's way to induce the hormone, melatonin. In 1992, psychiatrist Thomas Wehr placed volunteers in darkness for 14 hours. It was discovered that the volunteers settled into a two-stage sleep cycle, with a mellow period of wakefulness in the middle. Sleeping in complete darkness has been known for it's stress reducing benefits. ASLEEP IN 60 SECONDS- Holistic doctor Andrew Weil promises his breathing exercise will knock you out in a minute. Derived from yoga, this is the "4-7-8" technique: Inhale for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds. And exhale forcefully for 8 seconds. Repeat 3 times and you should be saying good night. Weil says with practice, you can induce an altered state of consciousness. THE GADGETS TO HELP YOU SLEEP GLO TO SLEEP BY SOUND OASIS- A padded mask that blocks out light, but you can keep your eyes open. While doing a breathing exercise, you gaze into a pattern of blue lights and immediately enter into a "relaxed alpha wave state". After some skepticism, unconsciousness will soon happen. RES MED S+ is the style leader among sleep monitors. Your breathing and your body movements is wirelessly monitored. It claims to be able to distinguish among deep, light and REM sleep. It has an accompanying mobile app that keeps a nightly sleep score and it displays eye-catching graphs. THE BEDDIT- The Beddit's sensor lies directly on the mattress, under the sheets. It is sensitive enough to pick up your breathing and your heart rate. It does not claim to detect REM sleep phases, but it will graph your falling heart rate and listen for snoring. PHILLIP STEIN SLEEP BRACELET- This bracelet is based on the idea that planet's "natural frequencies" are disturbed by technology. It contains a little metal disk that acts like an antenna to "channel the frequencies associated with relaxation". The cost for this bracelet is $400. ACTIVE EDGE T-SHIRT- Embedded with "proprietary electromagnetic frequency technology", this black T-shirt,according to it's makers, can increase the wearer's oxygen intake, reduce REM sleep.

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