Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ALL ABOUT MEMORY: 50+ Helping your partner's memory Blogger: Being Sane Takes Too Much Work

Tips to help your partner try to remember. =1= WATCH THE GRANDCHILDREN Both of you. Not everyday, though. According to an Australian study, babysitting around five days a week has memory-boosting benefits. =2= CHEERS! Toasting with your spouse can keep your memory strong, a recent study shows. Limit yourself to one to two drinks. =3= BECOME FIX-IT'S Doing home repairs is great for helping maintain memory and preserving brain function, one Columbia University study proves. =4= NAP TIME Memory is increased by a good night's sleep. According to a German study, a 45-to-90-minute nap helped participants in the study retain more information. =5= CREATIVITY In a Mayo Clinic study having a hobby in both middle and old age made 75% of older adults less likely to have cognitive decline. =6= WORKOUT TOGETHER In a Georgia Tech study, long-term memory was improved by 10% when exercising just 20 minutes.

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