Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The physical and mental signs of hypercondria

Hypercondria is cause by anxiety that can affect the individual physically and mentally, such as, headaches and fear of death. Because of the illness, the individual can develop chronic fatigue or tiredness of the whole body. The patient cannot relax and will feel faint. He/She will have numbness on the feet, face or head. Muscle tension, uncontrollable sweating, shaking or trembling, frequent need to urinate may develop. Chest pains and change in heart beat will affect breathing. The heart will beat faster and palpitations may be experienced. For no reason the individual may feel wrong and cry for no reason caused by mood swings. There can be fear of impending doom and fear of the unknown. Headaches can range from pains on the face, scalp, sharp pains in the head or migraines. The ears can also be affected by rambling sounds and deafness in one or both ears. These symptoms can advance to others like dry mouth, lump in the throat, loss of appetite, stomachaches, vomiting and diarrhea. Blurred vision, dry eyes, sensitivity to light and distorted eyesight may all happen.

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