Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fear Obligation Guilt(FOG): What to do and what not to do

WHAT NOT TO DO: It's harder to see everything clearly when in state of Fear Obligation Guilt(FOG). Everything you see isn't everything that is there. Your feelings are mostly negative when feeling FOG, so don't rely completely on your gut instincts or your feelings to guide you. Don't allow yourself to be isolated. Don't stop doing things that are good for you, friends, work, healthy behaviors, recreation, etc. If you sacrifice taking care of yourself to help another person it makes both people poor. Don't be in any relationship or situation where you do not have saying "no" as an option where it is reasonable to do so. A true friend will not demand a "yes" 100% of the time. Anyone who truly loves you will give give as much as they receive. Healthy relationships are not a one-way street there are two-way. WHAT TO DO: Research personality disorders. Get support. Find others where you can discuss problems without feeling judged. To help you escape the feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness, work on setting boundaries. With every emotional thought of Fear Obligation Guilt(FOG) try to add logical rational thoughts. When you are making decisions, try to use "what feels right" instead of "what really works". Any emotionally abusive situations, quickly remove yourself and any children.

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