Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why do pathological liars lie?

Pathological lying is a complex phenomenon, differing from other mental illnesses.  The liars knowingly and intentionally/willfully make false statements.  Some lie to seek attention.  These individuals want to have center stage wherever they go.  They crave an audience and get a high off of it.  This leads them to lie more, even to the point of making up stories to capture people's interest.  If someone is constantly engaging in attention-seeking, he/she may by lying to support this need.  Another reason for pathological lying is to make the person or situation look better.  He/She will either only discuss happy times or replace the bad times.  The individuals may never admit life is difficult.  Also, they tell stories that make life look better or more exciting than it actually is.  As some lie about the good in their life, others make up bad things for the attention.  He/She lie to show constant victimhood to gain attention.  And last, the individual may have poor self-esteem.  Low self-esteem, according to the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, ranks high among the probable causes of behavior issues.  He/She try to make themselves feel better about how they look, their accomplishments and what they have in life.  Low self-esteem doesn't always indicate someone is a pathological liar.  If it is coupled with regular truth-stretching, it could signal that the person needs help.

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