Monday, September 7, 2015

Hurricane Katrina: What Went Wrong?

Did you know there are still some hurricane victims living in the FEMA trailers?  Those trailers were put up fast and were never meant to be lived in this long.  Between unethical contractors and promised money that never came, some people can not afford to move out.  These are some of the same population who were too poor to leave before Katrina hit.  Tens of thousands could not evacuate due to the fact they did not have a car or could not afford bus fare. Blacks in highly populated poor sections were left stranded to bear the brunt of the storm. Gov. Kathleen Blanco declared a state of emergency three days before the storm made landfall.  George W. Bush vacationed in Texas as the storm hit.  Gov. Blanco pleaded for the administration to send more aid.  The National Guard asked FEMA for 700 buses.  Days later, they sent only 100.  This took a week to evacuate flood survivors.  At least 1,800 people died during Hurricane Katrina.  Federal officials were slow to react to local and state officials pleas. The gov't response was unable to deal with the storm before, during and after.  And then there were the levees.....  I will discuss them in another post.      Information provided by Heather Smith   and   German Lopez

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