Tuesday, September 22, 2015


1-  MILTON HERSHEY  He worked for a local candy factory.  When he went out on his own, he failed miserably.  Despite two more failures, he returned to the family farm and perfected the art of making delicious milk-chocolate candy, HERSHEY CHOCOLATE.    2- THEODOR GIESEL  He wrote a novel that publishers called "pure rubbish."  He was rejected 27 times.  He ran into an old friend who agreed to publish his work.  Today he is better known as DR. SEUSS.    3- ALBERT EINSTEIN  He didn't begin to speak until he was 4.  His teachers considered him lazy because he would ask questions that made no sense to others.  Eventually he formulated The Theory of Relativity.   4- BENJAMIN FRANKLIN  He was an elementary-school dropout.  His family couldn't finance his education after his 10th birthday.  He read and took every opportunity he could to learn.    5-STEPHEN KING  350 million books sold and climbing.  Also, his work has been made into motion pictures.  His first book was rejected 30 times.  He throw it in the trash.  His wife made him keep working on it and CARRIE was born.         Information provided by Entrepreneur

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