Monday, August 3, 2015

The duplex on Pine Street

Have you ever lived someplace where unexplained events happened but you didn't want to use the H word (haunted)?  A couple of years ago, I bought a duplex that was built in 1898.  I had intended to fix it up. (Never did)  I lived on one side.  My mother on the other side.  My son had the whole upstairs.  We had removed the door that was separating the two houses.  My side stayed unusually cold.  Even with the sun shinning through the windows.  Winter was awful.  I wore a coat and layered clothes.  My cats hide in the kitchen cabinet.  They would only come out for the litter box and run back to hide.  It got so bad I just started feeding them in where they were hiding.  Every time I got busy my dog would head up the stairs and go over to my mother's.  It didn't matter if my son's door was closed.  She found a way to open it because it didn't shut completely.  I started having violent nightmares.  People were chasing and trying to kill me.  Some were about snakes biting me.  One of my major fears is snakes.  They were in my dreams and also one come in my home.  I opened the door one morning and between the screen and outer door was a rat snake.  I know they do not have poison but they are still a type of snake. A couple of nights later, while sleeping I felt pressure on my chest.  In the dream a horrible presence was coming toward me. I remember I kept screaming at it.  Telling it to go back to hell where it belonged.  I kept praying and saying Jesus's name over and over again.  Suddenly, I sat up grasping for air.  Looking around the room, it was if nothing had happened.  My son had left for college and the air was so thick, especially upstairs.  It was oppressive.  My mother and I hardly went up there.  We had decided it would take too much money to fix the duplex up and this situation made the decision easier.  On my mother's inside door, the last family had left a paper prayer by the Virgin Mary.  We kept it there because it was felt maybe they were wishing us well.  One day, it was gone. It was never found.  Knowing a hint when given, we were out of there.  Sorry Ghostbusters, I am scared of ghosts! 

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