Monday, August 10, 2015

Bipolar and Irritability

On both ends of bipolar, you can have grumpy days.  After so long of being manic, agitation will set in.  Irritability is a symptom of depression.  There was a time when agitation was a real problem for me.  When I drove I was so impatient.  If the driver was too slow for my liking, I would ride their bumper.  People in stores would aggravate me.  Sometimes to the point of saying something rude.  My doctor prescribed Seroquel and that really helped.  When those few days I was grouchy, I had learned to stay home.  That way I kept myself out of trouble!  A couple of weeks ago, I found myself having trouble with noises. It was to the point I was agitated all over again.  So much was going on around me, I could not relax.  Sleep was out of the question.  My retired neighbor sits outside with his radio blaring from about 8:30 in the morning until dark.  There is no talking to him.  His attitude is he was here first.  On the other side someone moved in with three dogs.  The dogs barked constantly.  Close by, trees were being cut and loaded up on log trucks.  I just could not handle it.  My doctor added Neurontin to my mixture of medicines.  After a couple of days, it did start to mellow me out.  During my visits with my doctor, he asks do you want to hurt yourself?  The answer is always no.  Then he asks do you want to hurt anyone else?  Usually I reply right away no, also.  But, this time I was slow to answer.  I hesitated a little before answering.  He looked up from the computer.  I smiled and said "No, I guess not."  I swear I heard him let out a little sigh of relief. 

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